University of New Hampshire Campus Engagement | Abbey + Adam


"I heard once that love is a friendship on fire. That's how I feel about you."

When you’ve found a partner who truly feels like a best friend, you’ve struck gold. And witnessing Abbey and Adam’s relationship, it’s easy to tell that they have each found their person - the one to share that kind of bond that radiates light and last lifetimes.

Their relationship, it turns out, didn’t begin as a romantic one: it began as a budding friendship among the dorms and halls of the University of New Hampshire, where they met during the very first weekend of becoming college freshmen. A year later, Abbey and Adam found themselves working for the same summer program on campus, and while they were both committed to other romantic relationships at the time, their friendship deepened. It wasn’t until five years from their meeting in that college dorm that their friendship became something more.

Today, the two work in Boston as college program counselors: Abbey at a public charter school and Adam at Boston University for the same program where he and Abbey both worked and met in Durham.

With the university being so pivotal to their beginnings as a couple, it only made sense to return there for Abbey and Adam’s engagement session, for a playful and intimate late-summer evening that carried with it a hint of nostalgia.

We hit all the UNH landmarks you would expect: the picturesque Thompson Hall lawn, the Wildcat statue (where rumor holds that a rub of its nose will bring you luck), the Durham train station where Amtrak Downeaster runs through, and up and down Main Street, finishing our session in the courtyard of the Peter T. Paul College (my old stomping grounds while in business school there).

This is where their love story began. Where friendship sparked to flame.

Abbey and Adam also happen to love the show How I Met Your Mother, and they requested a few images to reference the iconic yellow umbrella scene at the train tracks. Having never seen the show before, they had to walk me through it a bit - and any How I Met Your Mother fans can let me know how I did ;) Imagine there’s rain in this scene for the full effect!

LocationUniversity of New Hampshire; Durham, New Hampshire
PhotographerAlanna Hogan Photography @alannahoganphoto

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