Rye Harbor and Odiorne Point State Park Engagement | Johanna + AJ


Thalassophile: (n.) a lover of the sea; someone who loves the sea, ocean.


When you take your surfer clients to the beach for an engagements session, you know you're going to have a good time.

Johanna and AJ first connected with me in the spring, with plans to hold their 2019 wedding at the Seacoast Science Center in Rye. We met for a café date, chatted about their plans, their engagement, how they met - and I had a feeling they were my kind of people.

Later, when they changed plans and selected a new wedding venue at the York Golf and Tennis Club in Maine, I knew Rye Beach and Odiorne Point State Park (of which the Seacoast Science Center is a part) would be a perfect location for their engagement shoot to get the best of both worlds. It just so happens that Johanna and AJ had photos of themselves taken at Odiorne before, back in high school for senior portraits. (We even recreated an old high school photo of them together - pretty sweet.)

And so we hit the beaches of Rye, first strolling through Odiorne State Park and wrapping up our time together at Rye Harbor State Park, just a few minutes down the road. We successfully chased the sun as it dipped below the horizon on the jetty of Rye Harbor, just as the park was closing and the light was dimming.

Johanna and AJ are both surfers, and their energy on the coastline was such fun to tap into. They had a special request for a Shaka ring shot (the Hawaiian sign often referred to as "hang loose"), and my ocean-loving soul was happy to ride that wave and take a few. 

Happy wedding planning, J + AJ! I can't wait to celebrate with you next summer at your wedding in Maine - coast-side, of course.

Location: Odiorne Point State Park (Seacoast Science Center) and Rye Harbor State Park; Rye Beach, New Hampshire
PhotographerAlanna Hogan Photography @alannahoganphoto

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