Intimate Mountain Top Inn & Resort Elopement | Becca + Brian


"Take me to a quiet place - with earth under our backs, cradled in a forest glade.
There we will point out things we see, and acknowledge those things we do not.
In solitude, we take in the wisdom offered in each other - and take in the hum of the forest."

How special it is to photograph old family friends.

I have known Becca since we were young (like, playing with Barbies young). Our moms are old college friends, and as a result, my brother and I grew up with regular visits to their family household (and the welcoming of their visits to our hometown in Maine). Becca and I have a bit of an age difference, but that gap only made me look up to her more, as the kind of positive role model that every young girl would hope for growing up.

So, I was overjoyed when Becca reached out to me to photograph her intimate, low-key wedding in the mountains of Vermont with her fiancé, Brian.

Now, Becca is not the kind of girl who wanted to make a spectacle out of her wedding, or the planning process for that matter. But each piece of her wedding day, from her understated gown to the size of the gathering itself, reflected a quiet sense of simplicity that carried meaningful intention for her and her groom. 

They chose to tie the knot at the most beautiful mountain venue in the Green Mountain range of Vermont: the Mountain Top Inn & Resort, of course. Their ceremony, held on a hilltop at the Knoll, gave us a picture-perfect backdrop of peaks and valleys, mixed with thick clouds that held their raindrops long enough for Becca and Brian to say I do. 

What I loved most about Becca and Brian's ceremony was the thoughtful participation of each of their guests (only their immediate family was in attendance). Opening the ceremony, Brian's dad lit a bit of dried sage, walking in a circle around the wedding party and allowing the incense to clear the air for a sacred space and cleanse the energy field. Becca's mom led a group meditation, while Brian's mom later read a heartfelt poem aloud (with the help of her husband, who took over the reading when her emotions became too strong to manage it alone). Becca's younger sister, Sarah, served as officiant, retelling the story of Becca and Brian's beginnings and the blossoming of their relationship. Brian's niece and nephew even played a part, placing flower petals around the circle to create a sense of togetherness, and bearing the rings for this most important occasion. 

Each guest had also been asked to choose a stone of significance prior to the wedding day and bring it with them, called a blessing stone. During the ceremony, each of these family members would explain their selection to the couple and share a wish or blessing for their relationship, placing the stone in a bowl of water (a "wishing well") at Becca and Brian's feet. Being a rock lover myself and a daughter of an old stone mason, I loved this piece of the ceremony and enjoyed hearing the stories behind these stones and their significance for the newlyweds.

Following the stone ceremony, our officiant Sarah read: "The ripples that are made in the water represent the love and good wishes not only for Becca and Brian, but for all the world. For as our ripples cross paths and re-cross one another’s, so our love and good wishes touch and retouch all those around us and all those we come into contact with throughout our lives."

And so, we spent the day drinking in the cool mountain air and celebrating the sweet love of Becca and Brian. These two aren't the kind of people who naturally choose to seek out the spotlight; to have that center-of-attention feeling that other couples might crave on their wedding day. And yet, they knew the importance of documenting their celebration and wanted that story told.

I'm so thankful Becca and Brian stepped outside of the boundaries of their comfort zones, and allowed me inside their close family circle, to witness and capture the moments from this special day.

Wishing you many more years of love and happiness in their simplest forms, Becca and Brian; like the quiet rippling effect that flows from a strong and supportive blessing stone. 


Venue: Mountain Top Inn & Resort @mountaintopresort
Hair and Makeup: Salon at Mountain Top Inn & Resort
Florals: Meadow's Edge Floral Design (exclusively at Mountain Top Inn & Resort)
Photographer: Alanna Hogan Photography @alannahoganphoto

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