Downtown Portsmouth Engagement | Prescott Park, Governor John Langdon House, Strawbery Banke, NH


“Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss."

Oh man, what can I say about Kelly and Tyler’s heart-melting love. I feel as though I could write volumes.

What keeps coming to the forefront of my mind, though, is the phrase “bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss” - and this is why I chose the above quote for today’s blog post. Let me explain why these words are so important to Kelly and Tyler’s love story. (Spoiler: it’s a good one.)

Kelly and Tyler met in their sophomore year of college, brought together by a friend that both Tyler and I share (and the reason for my knowing him at all). The occasion: a party (it was college, after all). Later, Kelly and Tyler ended up bumping into each other outside of the dorm where they both lived, and following endless hours spent “meeting in the middle” between halls and classes, an unbreakable foundation had been built that withstood nearly an entire summer spent apart that year, and continuing into the next year, less than three weeks together over an eight month period. One cause of this distance was Kelly studying abroad, while the more trying cause was Tyler’s involvement in the army, when training turned to the possibility of making the army a full-time commitment. His decision to pursue active duty, at a time they had previously looked forward to as one to finally be together indefinitely, almost tore apart the notion of a relationship for Kelly and Tyler. But, choosing trust and hope over uncertainty and distance, they reaffirmed their commitment to making it work on a trip to Portsmouth - the place their relationship strengthened, for good.

It’s clear that those bonds that were built apart are deeply rooted in support, growth, friendship, empathy and compassion at their core. True, they call each other “stubborn,” “a punk,” “so weird,” and let sarcastic comments slide (even mid-session ;), but the aura of affection and warmth that Kelly and Tyler give off around each other speaks volumes more than words ever could. Their love is just so comfortable to be around.

The uncertainty of future’s plans has nothing on you two, K + T. Wishing you a lifetime of love ahead, and so excited to hear the words, “We’ve nailed down a wedding date!” from your future selves ;)

Location: Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Prescott Park, Governor John Langdon House, Strawbery Banke.
PhotographerAlanna Hogan Photography @alannahoganphoto

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